Bio365 BIOLITE High Porosity Blend - 1.5cf

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Size: BIOLITE - 1.5cf
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For the Grower Who Feeds More Than Once Per Day
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Maximum Aeration and High Drainage for a Maximally Responsive Media!

High Porosity blend of coarse & fine coco coir and three sizes of perlite with BIOLOGY + BIOCHAR + BIOAVAILABLE NUTRIENTS. Biologically active with a starter nutrient charge, BIOLITE is an ideal growing medium for growers who want to feed aggressively without risking overwatering. A leap forward from the typical 70% coco / 30 % perlite blends, BIOLITE delivers low-water holding capacity with dramatically higher air-filled porosity.


  • BIOLITE is a biologically active, high porosity blend of proprietary ultimateAIR coco coir and perlite.
  • Bio-transformed nutrients are more bioavailable than chemical fertilizers or regular organic nutrients.
  • This living soilless media is great for controlled growing environments, indoor and greenhouse grown plants.
  • BIOLITE is best used for frequent watering programs.
  • BIOLITE contains bioCORE and bioCHARGE, making it an all-natural, biologically active soilless mix that is ready to use and is designed as an upgrade to the typical 70/30 substrates,

Ingredients: Coconut Coir, Perlite, Fertilizer (DERIVED FROM Pasteurized Poultry Litter, Feather Meal, Dolomite, Bone Meal, Bone Char and Sulfate of Potash), Softwood Biochar, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Diatomaceous Earth.

bioCHARGE is bio365's patented biologically active, biochar-enhanced, nutrient-charged base at the heart of every bio365 cultivation mix. bioCHARGE is produced in a pest and pathogen-free environment by inoculating bioCORE biochar with a unique activation and aging process, resulting in the most efficient delivery of bioavailable nutrients and on-demand water to your plants.

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