Age Old Bloom Plant Fertilizer

Size: Age Old Bloom 32 oz
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Fruiting and Flowering

Age Old Bloom is an odorless fertilizer formula that supplies plants with a fast-acting, natural source of nutrients high in phosphorus. The high phosphate levels encourage early flowering and better fruit set for most fruiting plants and vegetables.

Age Old Bloom provides all the necessary nutrients and beneficial substances needed for healthy plants and increased biological activity in all indoor/ outdoor soils. Liquid Bloom may be used in both foliar feed and soil drench applications, soak roots in diluted Liquid Bloom before transplanting for a greater root mass.

Age Old Bloom is great for use in containers and in soil-less gardens.

Ingredients: fish solubles, feathermeal and colloidal phosphates, seaweed extracts, borax, copper EDTA, Iron EDTA, zinc EDTA

Usage: Use 1tsp-2tbps/ Gal during the bloom phase. For best results feed once per week or every third watering depending on your type of soil media. FOLIAR: Use 1-3tsp/ Gal every 1-2 weeks. *Refer to the Advanced Feed Schedule by Age Old Nutrients for specific recommendations.

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