Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Beneficial Microbes

Size: Tarantula - 250ml
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Beneficial Bacteria

Enrich Your Garden’s Root Zone with Precision Strains of Bacteria, Hand-selected by Leading Microbiologists!

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula delivers optimal ratios of hand-selected bacteria for enriching your garden’s root zone and optimizing conditions for explosive yields. Add these natural beneficial microbes to your growing medium to help your root zone flourish and your yields thrive. Unlike cheap competitors, who put all their microbes and fungus into one bottle where incompatible microbes live side by side, Tarantula contains only very specific strains of bacteria that work to optimize YOUR specific plant root zone. 

Tarantula is a premium, microbial biostimulant that increases water and nutrient absorption for optimal vitality and peak plant performance. It improves availability of iron and phosphorus and even converts inorganic or locked-out forms of these nutrients into absorbable nutrition. Tarantula contains 10 million CFU per gram to transform spindly roots into a thick, muscular transportation system for efficient delivery of critical nutrition.

Use with Voodoo Juice to help your plants reach their true potential.

INGREDIENTS: Arthrobacter globiformis, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus mucilaginous, Bacillus pumilis, Bacillus subtilis, Paenibacillus polymxa.

USAGE: Use 2ml/L during weeks 1 and 2 of the grow and bloom phases. *Refer to Advanced Nutrients feeding charts for exact usage rates.

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