Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish

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Size: Flawless Finish - 1L
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Taste & Terpene Enhancer

Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish is a premium flushing agent that safeguards heavy, potent, flavorful yields while ensuring a clean end product. This premium biostimulant flushes plants of pollutants, heavy metals, and fertilizer salts, while keeping the purest tastes and aromas intact.

Not All Flushes Are Created Equal!

Flawless Finish contains a proprietary blend of chelated technology that promotes higher sugar content in ripening flowers and withdraws nitrogen at the optimal time to maintain yield size. Chelation therapy and a fasting regimen remove toxins from the nutrient medium and allow plants to cleanse themselves of stored nutrients before harvest.

INGREDIENTS: Magnesium EDTA, magnesium sulfate.

USAGE: Use 2ml/L during the last week of the bloom phase.

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