AC Infinity Self-Watering Base - 4-Pack

Sale price$59.99


Consistent Water Delivery for 5-Gal Fabric Pots

AC Infinity Self-Watering Base are heavy-duty plant trays designed to automatically water your plants set in fabric pots. They automatically direct water up to your plant's roots while keeping your fabric pot off the ground to prevent algae and other buildup from spreading.

The heavy-duty saucer supports up to 5-gallon fabric pots and 100 pounds in weight.  The drip tray collects runoff water/ nutrients, and the included reservoir meter displays water levels while the strainer spout on the other end enables quick pouring and replenishing.

Comes with 4 separate plant stands, 1 gallon water capacity each, and adjustable length wick lines to remove the need for active irrigation. Can be placed anywhere traditional saucer trays and potted planters are typically used.

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