AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO Inline Duct Fan Systems

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Size: CLOUDLINE T4 / 4-Inch Inline Duct Fan System
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A Quieter and Smarter Inline Fan

The CLOUDLINE duct fan systems are designed to quietly ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, transfer heating/cooling, and exhaust odors. Featuring an inline mixed-flow design, the duct fan can effectively maintain airflow even in high static pressure applications. Contains a sturdy metal mounting bracket and EC-motor with PWM-control for quiet and energy-efficient performance. The motor box containing the fan’s impeller and blades can be detached from the mounted frame for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The CLOUDLINE series inline fans include a smart controller with dynamic temperature and humidity controller with timers, cycles, scheduling, and speed control. You can also connect one additional fan or to the AC Infinity app to access your fan remotely, monitor alerts, data charts, and more.

Complete Kit Includes: one duct fan unit, one thermal controller, one corded thermal probe, two duct clamps, installation manual, and mounting hardware.

Available Sizes:

  • CLOUDLINE T4: 4-Inch Quiet Inline Duct Fan System with Temp and Humidity Controller.
    • Duct Size: 4”.
    • Dimensions: 6.9" x 11.9" x 7.4".
    • Airflow: 205 CFM.
    • Noise: 28 dBA.
    • Max Wattage: 28 W.
    • Bearings: Dual Ball.
  • CLOUDLINE T6: 6-Inch Quiet Inline Duct Fan System with Temp and Humidity Controller.
    • Duct Size: 6”.
    • Dimensions: 7.9" x 12.6" x 8.4".
    • Airflow: 402 CFM.
    • Noise: 32 dBA.
    • Max Wattage: 64 W.
    • Bearings: Dual Ball.

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