AC Infinity CLOUDFORGE Humidifiers

Size: CLOUDFORGE T3 / 4.5L Humidifier
Sale price$49.99


Smart Controls, Targeted Vaporizing

AC Infinity CLOUDFORGE Humidifiers were designed with smart controls and precision vapors to obtain the optimal humidity levels for plant growth. The next-gen EC ultrasonic vaporizer can be digitally set with four levels of moisture output which can be increased to 10 levels with a smart controller for fine-tuned moisture control. 


  • Onboard controller for smart humidity control.
  • Programmable timer.
  • Digital backlit display that can be toggled off/ hidden.
  • Auto-start with backup memory.
  • Auto-shutoff when empty.
  • Corded sensor probe.
  • 4 ft extendable tube.
  • 4.5L- 9L Water Tank.

Includes a corded sensor probe and extendable tubing which enables the humidifier to be positioned outside the grow tent.

Available Sizes:

  • CLOUDFORGE T3 Plant Humidifier: 4.5L water tank.

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