AC Infinity Black Ventilation Ducting

Size: Black Ventilation Ducting - 4" x 8 ft.
Sale price$13.99



AC Infinity Flexible Ducting is designed for ventilation applications including HVAC, grow rooms and grow tents. Primarily used with duct fan systems in various air circulation and ventilation projects.

It features four-layer protection, making it more durable and resistant to leaks than single-layer designs. The internal layer is made of heavy-duty dual aluminum foil that is fire/flame resistant. Its outer layer utilizes dual PVC thermoplastic that protects the aluminum from cuts and tears while stopping leakage. Each duct tube is held together by an internal steel-wire spiral that is flexible and easy to install in hard-to-reach places. The ducting can be shortened by cutting the tube to fit various applications.

Includes two stainless steel duct clamps.

Available Sizes:

  • AC Infinity Flexible Four-Layer Ducting: 4-INCH x 8-FT LONG.
  • AC Infinity Flexible Four-Layer Ducting: 6-INCH x 8-FT LONG.

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